Bulldog Jaw Acne

Understanding Acne in Bulldogs and French Bulldogs

Acne in bulldogs and French bulldogs is a skin condition common to the bulldog’s chin and muzzle.


What is Bulldog Acne?

Bulldog acne, also known as bulldog chin acne or bulldog folliculitis, presents as red bumps and classic blackheads on the chin and lips. It can range from mild to severe, with untreated cases leading to infection, pain, and scarring.


Bulldog Skin Acne 5 MUST KNOWs

  • Acne manifests as raised bumpy lesions and blackheads.
  • Causes include trauma to hair follicles, genetics, allergies, mites, and skinfold dermatitis.
  • Severe cases can lead to infection, bleeding, and scarring.
  • Treatment involves antiseptic therapeutics and, in severe cases, prescription medication.
  • Prevention includes FurBabies Botanicals Skinfold Bundles.

Understanding Bulldog Acne Severity

Mild Bulldog Acne: Resembles adolescence acne and can become infected due to itching and moisture.
Moderate Bulldog Acne: You will see raised red bumpy lesions and blackheads.
Severe Bulldog Acne: Untreated cases lead to painful wounds, pustules (can appear as red, swollen bumps with a white or yellow center), and scarring.


H2: Causes of Bulldog Skin Acne

Genetic Predisposition: Likely genetic in bulldogs and French bulldogs.
Skinfold Moist Dermatitis: Deep skin folds contribute to moisture buildup.
Trauma and Folliculitis:Hair shaft trauma leads to inflammatory responses.


**H2: Bulldog Acne Due to Dampness and Allergies**

- Dampness Factors: Drooling, water dish dipping, and moist food contribute to acne.
- Allergic Triggers: Food allergies, environmental allergies, and contact allergies to plastic.


Additional Contributors to Bulldog Acne

- Demodex Mites: Can exacerbate or trigger acne.
- Puppy Strangles: Severe cases associated with bulldog puppy strangles also known as juvenile cellulitis or juvenile pyoderma, is a rare inflammatory condition that primarily affects young puppies. Symptoms of puppy strangles may include swollen lymph nodes, fever, lethargy, loss of appetite, and painful, pus-filled lesions on the face and neck. You will also note red swollen eyes, chin and lips. This requires immediate urgent veterinary treatment. 


Treatment and Management

Non-Prescription Options: Mild to moderate cases can be managed with therapeutic topicals and supplements. We recommend our Bulldog SkinFold bundle consisting of the 30ml Multipurpose Balm for the skinfolds + 50ml Lavender Skin repair serum for all over the body + 60ml odour control Shampoo for ultrasensitive & damaged skin

Trauma Prevention: Gentle handling and removal of sharp-edged toys and cleaning the biofilm of bacterial that growns on water and food bowls (including steel bowls) are crucial. 

Addressing Underlying Causes: Controlling itching allergies and other triggers is essential for effective management.