Cat Overgrooming

Understanding Cat Overgrooming: Causes and Solutions


Cat overgrooming, a common yet frustrating issue for pet parents, presents challenges due to its multifaceted nature. In this guide, we delve into the root causes of overgrooming, both behavioral and medical, and explore potential solutions.


Behavioral vs. Medical Causes:

Overgrooming in cats can stem from either behavioral or medical issues. Behavioral overgrooming, also known as "psychogenic alopecia," often arises from stress relief. Conversely, medical causes, such as allergies or skin infections, induce itchiness, prompting excessive grooming.


Identifying Medical Causes:

Allergies, including food, flea, or environmental allergies, are common triggers for overgrooming. Regular flea checks and dietary assessments are crucial. Additionally, infections like skin mites or fungus require veterinary examination and appropriate tests.


Managing Medical Conditions:

Treatment varies depending on the underlying medical issue. Flea preventatives, allergy testing, and dietary adjustments may be recommended. In some cases, topical or oral medications, such as steroids or anti-histamines, are prescribed to alleviate symptoms and address the root cause. Consider incorporating Furbabies Botanicals Rose Pet Skin & Coat Care Serum whilst you await test results to provide relief from itching, overlicking & overgrooming.

Behavioral Considerations:

Psychogenic alopecia poses unique challenges, often requiring environmental enrichment and stress reduction strategies. Environmental changes, routine maintenance, and synthetic pheromones like Feliway can help create a calming atmosphere.

Introducing Furbabies Botanicals Rose Pet Skin & Coat Care Serum:

Addressing both the behavioral and medical aspects of overgrooming, Furbabies Botanicals Rose Pet Skin & Coat Care Serum offers a holistic solution. Crafted with carefully selected cat-friendly aromatherapy ingredients, it calms anxiety and kickstarts skin repair. Moreover, its dual-action formula suffocates topical mites, reducing skin irritation and dandruff.



Overgrooming in cats requires a comprehensive approach that addresses both behavioral and medical components. By understanding the underlying causes and implementing appropriate interventions, pet parents can help their feline furbabies lead happier, healthier lives. 


We highly recommend using Furbabies Botanicals Rose Pet Skin & Coat Care Serum into you cat's grooming routine if they are an older cat with hormonal imbalances, a cat with dandruff or itching (can start with itching at the back of the tail) or a cat with bald patches or dry scaly skin sores.  The skin care serum also has tick & flea repellant properties - ideal for those pet parents not keen on using conventional chemical based flea treatments. The once weekly topical skin care serum can also be used alongside pharmacotherapy prescribed by your vetertinary surgeon.