Dog Ear Gunk

Why do dogs shake their heads?

Dogs shake their heads when they have ear discharge problems as a natural response to discomfort or irritation in their ears. The shaking helps to dislodge debris, moisture, or foreign objects and can provide temporary relief from itching or discomfort.

However, persistent head shaking can exacerbate the underlying issue, leading to further irritation, inflammation, and even injury to the ear canal.

The impact on a dog's overall well-being can be significant. Constant head shaking can cause physical discomfort and pain, leading to stress and anxiety. The irritation and inflammation associated with ear discharge problems can also affect the dog's mood, behavior, and quality of life.

Additionally, untreated ear issues may progress to more serious infections or complications, further compromising the dog's well-being. Every single ear infection leads to scarring of the ear canal & tissues eventually leading to deafness. 

Read our guide on ear discharge in dogs for more information such as red flags.

Dogs with pendulous ears, like basset hounds, Irish setters, and spaniels, have an increased susceptibility to ear issues. However, ear mites, infections, or irritants like burrs or seeds can affect any dog.

We recommend weekly usage of the multipurpose balm to keep the ears clean, create a film barrier on the skin to prevent entry of potential allergens, keep those ear mites at bay (works by suffocating the ear mites), calm early signs of inflammation & to balance skin microbiome to prevent overgrowth of yeast.

Simply apply a pea sized amount into your pets ear & outer ear canal that is visible to the eys, allow it to sit for as long as possible & wipe any loose debris. Repeat weekly & see the difference.